At ExpertEase, we are more than just a relocation and property finder platform. We are your reliable partners in Barcelona’s property journey. Founded by expats Daan and Natalia, we understand firsthand the challenges of relocating to a new city, especially when it comes to finding the right property.

Our personal experiences fuel our commitment to providing trustworthy, expert guidance to make your move to Barcelona as seamless as possible.
Count on ExpertEase for a community-driven approach that focuses on reliability, trustworthiness, and the expertise needed for a stress-free experience.


Our Personal Challenges Finding Property in Barcelona

Avatar of Daan, ExpertEase Co-Founder


I purchased my first apartment in Barcelona. In the process I encountered several challenges that could have been easily avoided if I had worked with a reliable professional to guide me through the process.

  • I had recently moved to Spain. Therefore, I had difficulties with getting mortgages from local banks. The ones that do offer something, often ask for a higher down payment.
  • Many real estate agents tried to charge major agency fees from the buyers side.
  • I didn’t know how the legal procedures / processes work in Spain.
  • Many places were offered without the certificate of habitability (cédula de habitabilidad) meaning that officially they can not be used for human residence.
  • Real estate agencies often try to give you a sense of urgency with making an offer (e.g. they say that they have other parties interested / another party made an offer).
Avatar of Natalia, ExpertEase Co-Founder


I faced the challenge of finding a rental apartment in Barcelona while still living abroad and not being fluent in Spanish. I was also not familiar with the city and the nuances of the rental market. Navigating the city’s rental market presented multiple hurdles:

  • Communicating with Spanish agencies proved challenging, with delayed responses to property inquiries.
  • Language barriers were evident, as several agencies didn’t speak English proficiently.
  • Uncertainty about the safety and security of the chosen neighborhoods for renting, fueled by concerns over scams and deposit returns.
  • Committing to a lease for an unseen apartment without physically viewing it and relying solely on website pictures was a risk.
  • Negotiating with a landlord who initially proposed unfavorable lease terms, including a demand for six months’ rent upfront.